Bildresultat för Grand Rezerva

Hailing from Sweden Grand Rezerva has since the start 2009 released a ROCK catalog to be proud of.

First out was the self-titled EP, and not a year later in 2010 the single “Badlands” was pressed. The latter also downloaded close to 10.000 times, most of them in the U.S alone. This gave the band some rotation on radio in both the U.S and Europe.

In early 2013 after some lineup changes Grand Rezerva released their full-length debut album “48 Laws”, the album landed a cover spread in the U.S. indie Magazine “Only the indies”. This made the sales exceed and the band got even more radio rotation, now in North and South America as well as Europe and Asia.

In spring of 2014 Grand Rezerva landed on U.S. soil the first time to meet the fans and play a couple of shows in New York. The way they were received was just amazing and they got to connect with many fans both the once that supported the band throughout the years and new ones. This also led to another increase of album sales and confidence from their label Tripaway Music.

In late 2014 a brand new single “The Only One” got released, and just a couple of months later in early 2015 the single “Crimson Ground” filled with power and energy was released. This double feature was a teaser for the up-and-coming album “Hell And High Water” that was released in May 2016. In november that same year the demand was so strong that Grand Rezerva released “Hell And High Water” on vinyl.

In 2017 the band continued touring around Europe and did some really memorable shows in Munich, Copenhagen and in their hometown of Malmo at one of their biggest outdoor festival The Malmo Festival.